April Fools Day, 2007

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  1. Aunt Sandi says:

    Hey -great web site! We are trying to see if we can coordinate a trip for your wedding. It sounds like a great party. I had a dream about 4 months back that I was at a wedding at a big hotel- I know it was a Hutko wedding, and I kept getting lost- the hotel was so big. We shall see…

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April Fools Day, 2007

On 4/1/07 Ben & I called my mom with the big news – we had gotten married!! I explained that my boyfriend Ben had dared me to marry him and then lo-and-behold, we hopped in the car, drove to Atlantic City, and we did it!

My mom was thrilled and found the whole story hilarious. My family hadn’t met Ben yet, but we ended the call with a lot of laughs and the promise that I would bring my husband home for Easter.

It was a very fun April Fool’s joke, and one we talk about each year.

Flash forward a few years and I’m glad we got engaged in early March instead of early April – it might have made it hard to convince my mom that it wasn’t another April Fool’s joke!


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