Holy Split

3 Responses to “Holy Split”
  1. Jeff Maksym says:

    Wow! You are so good looking! Congratulations!
    : )

  2. Frances says:

    SUPER good looking! This is the best wedding website EVER!!!!!

  3. Aside from not winning the bowling league championship, I bet that you 2 won first place for having the most fun (category)!

Tell us how good looking we are!

Holy Split

Last year, during our Summer Olympics, Joanna and I started a new relationship…with bowling. It began as just another outlet for our constant need to be competing at something, but grew to become somewhat of an obsession. Eventually we bought shoes and bowling balls and those space-age-looking wrist things you see all the bowling losers wearing, and before we knew it we had accidentally become regulars at the bowling alley.

Joining a league was the next logical step. Since we still weren’t very good, we tried to find the least competitive league available, and joined a league called “The Merry Mixers.” We asked our friends Jeff and Frances to join us—and even though they could’ve care less about bowling, it seemed like a fun idea, so they did.

While I’d love to tell you of our incredible success in the thirty-six-week league, and about how we overcame incredible odds to become the first place team, none of that would contain a word of truth.

We were easily the worst team in the league.


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