Joanna’s Parking Spot

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Joanna’s Parking Spot

Our first vacation together was to Grand Cayman, in 2007. Joanna had a couple more vacation days than I did, so she went down to the island ahead of me.

On the day I arrived, Joanna met me at the tiny airport with the rental car, we went to the grocery store, and then we made our way back to the hotel. When we got back, we found, to our surprise, that someone had written “Geana” in white paint in the spot where Joanna had been parking her car.

Sure enough, the hotel workers had taken a liking to Joanna, the unaccompanied red-haired twenty-something staying at their hotel–and when they repainted the lines in the parking lot, they figured they’d take the opportunity to let her know how they felt.

I can’t say the hotel workers were too excited to see me. I have to think that when they saw me get out of the car, they probably felt pretttttty awkward about the whole thing. And if it’s any consolation to them, I felt pretty awkward about it myself.

It’s a good story, though!


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