The Proposal

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    AHH this is so wonderful! I’m gasping! I’m so proud. I’m not sure why that’s the first emotion to hit me. But I love this.

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    “Brendan Sullivan ‘Likes’ this story.”

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    This is the cutest website ever!

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The Proposal

I proposed to Joanna while we were snorkeling off Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras. I had a ring made for Joanna, which combined the diamond from my mother’s first diamond ring, and a band made from a platinum wedding ring I found while snorkeling in Kauai nearly twenty years ago.

Having found the original ring in the ocean, I was fully aware of the inherent risks of proposing in the middle of the ocean. Weeks before I proposed, when I told my dad that I was thinking about proposing that way, he said, “Don’t do that, you’re going to put that ring right back into the drink.”

The more I thought about it though, the more perfect it seemed. Joanna and I love the ocean so much, and so many of our best memories have taken place on the ocean—it just seemed like the perfect way to ask her.

So, I proceeded with tremendous caution, and tied the ring to a length of 40-lb fishing line, which I thought I’d be able to affix to my wrist when I was ready to ask her. When the time felt right, I sent Joanna into the ocean ahead of me, put the ring and the fishing line in the zipper pocket of my swim trunks, and headed in after her.

A few minutes later, while Joanna was snorkeling a safe distance away from me, I called her over to see something in the ocean. While she swam the thirty of so yards over to me, I frantically removed the ring and fishing line from my pockets. But, of course, the fishing line (with the ring securely attached) had become entangled with our car keys, resulting in a jumbled mess of keys and fishing line and diamond engagement rings. When she finally made it to me, and I presented her with the ring (fishing line and keys still attached), she thought it was something I had found in the ocean. It wasn’t until I awkwardly stammered through my proposal that she understood what was going on, and proceeded to burst into smiling, laughing tears.

And, in case you wondered, she said yes.


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